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Season 16 Episode 18 : Episode 18 - QI VG - Series P Compilation Show 2


QI is a BBC panel show that both educates and entertains. QI Masters Stephen Fry [Seasons 1-13] and Sandi Toksvig [Season 14+] ask questions that are very difficult and award points for answers that are either Quite Interesting or correct. However, points are deducted for answers commonly thought to be correct but are in fact quite wrong. Four Bantermeisters, including permanent panelist Alan Davies, try their best to separate the fact from the fiction.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Sandi Toksvig, Alan Davies

Directors: John Lloyd

Countries: GB

Quality: DVD

Views: 5851

Release: 2003

Runtime: 30

Content: TV-14

IMDb: 8.9